Benefits of Using Steel Ductwork

Energy Savings

Steel ductwork, with its smooth walls, offers the most efficient way to move air throughout your home and office as compared to alternate products. Steel duct does not sag and restrict air flow. Better air flow means that your heating and cooling equipment does not have to work as hard, resulting in lower energy costs.


Steel ductwork is made of long lasting galvanized steel. This provides you with the longest life span of all possible ductwork systems. Steel duct is puncture resistant as compared to other duct systems made from polyester, fiberglass and other materials.


Other duct systems claim to be “fire resistant”, but Steel ductwork is made of steel and is non-combustible. Products with plastic and polyester can emit toxic fumes when burning. Take the safe choice when constructing your home – insist on Steel Air Distribution systems.

Easy To Clean

Air distribution systems should be cleaned periodically to remove dirt that can harbor bacteria and other dangers to your health. Dirt also reduces the efficiency of your air distribution system. Steel Air Distribution Systems are the easiest duct systems to clean and will not rip or tear when aggressively cleaned.